Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrilling Thursday!!!

Sorry about how late my post is again today, I've had a very long, bad day, and am trying to process some information, so again I apologize for the skimpy content.  I am linking up with Paisley Passions Thrilling Thursday's and today is going to focus around this gorgeous necklace I made for Alison. She won it over at Life As I Know It!!!

We are gearing up for installing our new flooring in our great room, this weekend, so stay tuned tomorrow for the before pics!!! Hope everyone's having a great night!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wandering Wednesday!!

So I usually participate in What I Am Loving Wednesdays, but this wednesday, I'm not feeling the love, so instead I'm participating in Paisley Passions' Wandering Wednesday. So head on over to her page and check out some of my fellow wanderers!!!

Sorry about the skimpy post, I've been busy with Dr's apts today and getting ready for this weekends reno, where we will be re-doing our great room and hallway flooring. Super exciting, but tins of work. So if I'm not around much don't be suprised, I'm busy emptying my china cabinet and pantry, and making dinners for the weekend!!

Stay tuned for before pics of the great room and hallway flooring....


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Book Review Journal #1 - "At First Sight" - Nicholas Sparks

"At First Sight" - Nicholas Sparks

 This book is above all else a love story, but not one of those lovey dovey everything is perfect love story. It really asks the questions how well do you know the person you are married to? and how well do they know you? It also deals a lot with a relationship that was formed very quickly, and how those relationships aren't so very different from traditional relationships, where there's a longer courtship, and more time to really know what makes your partner tick, and sometimes blow. That said, there are soo very many similarities between the relationships where you know every last detail about your partner, versus the kind where you barely know anything but love them just the same. Whic is best? I'm not sure there is a "best", but they sure do have similarities.

I really do agree with the main character, Jeremy's father, in this excerpt from the book after Jeremy and Lexie (his fiancee) have had a fight
                        "Well, then I'd say it takes two to tango. My guess is that both of you are right and both of you are wrong. That's the way most arguments go, anyway. People are who they are and no one is perfect, but marriage is about becoming a team. You're going to spend the rest of your life learning about each other, and every now and then, things blow up. But the beauty of marriage is that if you picked the right person and you both love each other, you'll always figure out a way to get through it."

I love that quote... it certainly rings true, in an arguement, each person has a little piece of it to own, and without that acknowledgement it's easy to blame the other person, and thereby make the situation worse. You feel more wronged and more indignant that you are right and the other party is wrong. Marriage really is about becoming a team, and spending less time conflicting and more time working together to achieve a commom goal, one that is determined by both parties. Without your eye on the goal though it's easy to get diverted off track and that's when things seem to turn inwards against one another. I love the end of the excerpt, "if you love each other, you'll always figure out a way to get through it."

Stay tuned for more of my review of this book!! It really is a great book soo far!!


Monday, March 28, 2011

After Pics - Master Bedroom and Hannah's bedroom, and the closets!!!

Well, here they are.... as promised....
The floor in its natural glory
Master bedroom closet organizer (empty)
Other side of the master bedroom closet
Bed After
you can see in this shot the bevelled edges of the floor and how nice it matches our furniture
sneak peak of the super-organized-always-gonna-be-this-way closet

Had to include this super cute shot of the monkey and daddy before bed...

wow - do u see that organization??

you can see the floor!!!!!

And now onto Hannah's bedroom after.....

Hannah's closet after... much better ...

you can see the floor in here too!!!

So that's my reno is a nutshell? What do you think?


Whirlwind Weekend

WOW!! What a whirlwind weekend. Man oh man, does it feel good to sit down and write this post!! My living room resembles it's pre-friday self (still needs to be vacuumed and has a few misplaced items but I can breathy in here). But I am very proud to say WE DID IT!!! We unfurnished, uncarpeted, layed flooring, installed three closet organizing systems, refurnished not one, but two bedrooms this weekend. You saw the before pics, to see just how disastrous those closets were and I cannot be prouder of the results. The floors look amazing, and my hubby did an amazing job. I am proud to say I decluttered the master closet (featured here in all it's chaotic glory), and got rid of 5 green garbage bags of clothing (well donated them to Canadian Diabetes Association). And put two entire bins of Hannah's clothes that she has outgrown into storage totes to be stored in our basement. So, once I have had the chance to dust and vacuum the bedroom (hopefully in a few hours then you will be able to feast your eyes on some pretty amazing after pics. Seeing how good the floors look has made us super excited to see how the floors are going to look in our living room (to be installed in just two short weekends).

Hannah was a trooper this weekend, she exclaimed that our living room was "messy", and I would say that was a HUGE understatement.... and once the floors were done she told her daddy (aka the installer), "that's nice"..... you can't get a better compliment then the two year old critic laying on the floor rubbing it with her hands and telling you "that's nice". So cute. However, I don't think I will ever take on a reno without help coming in to watch her, as it was horrible trying to keep track of her and help my hubby. So thankfully my mom will be down the next few weekends to keep track of her....

So Check back later for the after pics, I hope to get them up tonight!! For now I'll be crossing things off my spring reno list - found here!!

P.S. - Congrat's to Alison for winning on our Handmade by Emmie Mae's pieces of jewelry!! (Check here to see how she did it...)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Before pics - Hannah's bedroom and Our Master Closet

So, now that photo - uploader seems to be working at a reasonable pace. I'll add the before pics of our master closet (viewer beware - they are graphic in nature - you may feel the need to cringe at the current level of disorganization...)

Tip of the iceberg of the mess...

Way tooo much in there...

Yep...can barely see the floor....

Terrible state of disarray!!
That photo montage has me dreaming of my closet organizers. It will never look like that again... holy bad!!!

And now onto Hannah's bedroom shots before.....

Her bed and chair....

Her closet door and one dresser...

Her bedroom door

Her bed complete with Minnie, and missing Mickey (who is somewhere buried in the great room, much to her disappointment come bedtime...)

Her other dresser...

Her walk-in doesn't look soo bad here...but....

....not in great shape here....

It will also be getting an organizer and will not look like this ever again...

So that concludes my before photos, stay tuned for the afters....