Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm BACK!!! And I have some exciting news to share!!

First and foremost I would like to apologize for my absence, at first it was an issue with lack of energy and not feeling well, and then it turned into a google account verifier problem!! But the important thing is - IT FINALLY let me login to my own blog!! And more importantly I'M BACK!!!

Now onto the exciting news, and an explanation for my health related absence. Someone has some very exciting news to share...

Hannah's finally going to be a big sister!!! She is super excited and sooo are we!!! Words cannot even describe how over the moon and beside ourselves thrilled we are!! We look forward to welcoming our new addition to our family in March 2012, technically I am due the 25th but due to the fact that I am considered high risk, the baby will likely be here in the beginning to mid March via c-section.

Now onto why it took me 17 whole weeks to share our exciting news. In the beginning of the pregnancy I was considered high risk, and was put on light duty from 5-12 weeks because I had a nasty subchorionic hemorrhage. What that means is no friggen fun. It threatens your pregnancy because it causes the placenta to tear away from the uterus, which could cause the whole pregnancy to miscarry. So, it was a pretty scary time, but luckily the bleed reabsorbed itself, and was completely gone at our 12 weeks ultrasound, but up until that point we had weekly ultrasounds to monitor if it was growing or shrinking. So, now they only risk to the baby is that it can cause preterm labour because it affects the quality of the placenta, but they will monitor that down the road, and isn't much of a concern for me because given my past experience the drs were really pushing me to have Hannah 6 weeks early, and we settled on three. So, I have to continue trust that God has a plan for this baby, and that my Dr's will continue to shine like they have so far, they really have been phenomenally supportive.

So, that's my exciting news, and my grand re-entrance into blog land. So stay tuned for the details on how I told the hubby and our families and the renos we have been doing to our house in preparation for baby's arrival.

Most of all thank you for staying loyal even though I was M.I.A.