Friday, October 29, 2010

Headboard Update with Pictures!!!

So as promised I have taken the pictures of Hannah's bedroom, and would love to know what your opinions are.

Here's a shot of the pink fabric I chose for her headboard (I apoloogize for the fact it looks taupe it really is pink my camera had issues picking it up). And with that I have a question for you as to which way I should run the checkers. Should I run the fabric the way it is in the first picture as shown below:

Or should I run the fabric this way (as shown in picture number 2):

I suppose it would probably make things easier for you to picture if you knew what the bedroom looked like so here are a few shots of her bedroom now:

(the angels sign is missing the "danced the day you were born")

an last but not least an upclose shot of the quilt on her bed:

I hate the blue bed rails but that was the only color I could get the double rails in so we are stuck with them, it totally clashes with the color on the walls, but its temporary so I keep telling myself. So let me know which way you think I should put the pattern on the headboard. Any feedback would be appreciated!! Thanks

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making Hannah a Headboard

We recently switched Hannah into a big girl bed and the transition has gone fairly smoothly, some nap times are still spent sleeping on the floor (but at least she brings her blanky - lol). The trouble is she doesn't have a headboard for the single bed that we are using (the one my mom gave me was UGLY so we have to improvise. I don't want to spend a ton of money buying a new one because we actually want her to sleep in a double bed, but in the room she is in right now a double bed would be a bit cramped. So I decided the best way to go about a new headboard would be to make one ourselves.

So my best friend and I headed to Fabricland and perused the fabric and I was pretty much decided on one fabric when the fabric of my dreams caught my eye. It was perfect, soft and sweet and would match her quilt perfectly. It wasn't even that pricey $12.06/m. So they cut me my 3 x 5 section, so now all we need to do is get some wood and we can attach the foam and the fabric and we are laughing. Hopefully we can get to that this weekend. I'll post pictures of the material and a before shot tomorrow ( I tried to take them today and my stinkin' camera battery died.

I'm so pleased with my purchase though and I know Hannah will love it, and it will fit right into here room. So stay tuned for tomorrow post complete with pictures, and if anyone has any tips on how to make an upholstered headboard I'd love to hear them. Thanks


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Recap!!

This weekend I had a few goals in mind, and as usually happens life gets in the way. My hubbie worked Saturday which was a beautiful morning Hannah and I got out and went for a nice walk as my laundry dried on the line. It would have been a great day to go for a nice long walk as a family but it was Eric's turn to work this weekend, so we were stuck at home. We pulled some steaks out the night before and I marinated them all day Saturday and we had a nice steak, fried mushrooms and spinach salad supper. Then we had a nice family stroll around our neighbourhood.

Once we got Hannah tucked into bed Eric and I attempted to work on the bead room/ spare bedroom. You see a couple of weeks ago we upgraded our bedroom to a king size bed, and of course that meant getting a whole new bedroom set, so we got that delivered a few weeks ago, and in the meantime all our old bedroom furniture had to go downstairs to the spare bedroom (aka bead room), which was already fully furnished. The room was sooo full you couldn't even move in it. However, we gave some of the furniture to my sister, and so that was gone and now we just had to set up the queen bed and take down the double (which I planned on putting in out storage space. So my hubbie took down the old bed and went to put it in storage and it won't fit where I planned to put it as our storage room is crawl space. So we had to rethink where it was going to go, as I didn't want to get rid of it. Eric came up with the brilliant idea of putting it under the queen size bed, which would work but that meant finding a new home for all of my beads (I have a vast collection all in under the bed storage bins). However Eric pointed out that I now had to new dressers that I could fill with my beads - BRILLIANT - he is a genius (sometimes LOL). So spent an hour moving them over and then he set the bed up. And thats the end of the progress in the bead room. The to - do list in there goes as follows:
  • disassemble the three night stands that are no longer needed but I am keeping
  • make the bed
  • clear off the bead table
Hopefully we will get around to that in the next couple of days.

My goals also included getting Eric to hang up the new decor in our bedroom and I was supposed to find a new home for the "pile" of stuff that was left homeless after the bedroom exchange. Of course my hubbie did his share, but I still need to find a home for that stuff so we will wait another couple of days for the finished product pictures.

We also were starting Hannah on a sippy cup before bed time instead of a bottle, well what a FREAKING NIGHTMARE!!! We thought she would transition smoothly as she was showing signs she was sick of having us rock her to sleep with a bottle (wriggling out of position and trying to yank the bottle away from us, and not wanting to stay still for the duration of the bottle). So we gave it a shot and it was a GINORMOUS FAIL. We decided to transition the sippy exchange with the nuby soft top sippy cups so they are more like a bottle, and to give it to her half an hour before bedtime and out on "The Bear in the Big Blue House" for her to lay on the couch and watch. She did this part of the job splendidly and upon completing her milk, daddy took her to the bedroom and read her a book and put Tad (her lullaby frog) on and tucked her in. All this went totally smoothly, closed the bedroom door, silence no pitter patter of feet, or tossing of blankets....15 mins pass we think we are home free and settle into a relaxing evening.... 15 mins later cue the bloodcurdling screaming. GAS PAIN........ugh damn you ..... give her some Ovul and tuck her back in, leave the room, wait two mins and the screams resume, 2 hours and 5 books later, we give in a make her a bottle and she's out like a light. So we figure she sucked a lot of air when she was drinking her sippy cup and we'll try again tomorrow night. But really I mean what kid wouldn't be sucking a lot of air and managing just fine - she is 20 months old I would think gas pains are a thing of the past - but we could hear the bubbles in her tummy. So we tried again Sunday night, with a hard topped sippy cup, and yet another fail, she ended up screaming again (not as long this time before we gave in and gave her a bottle - this time a cold one not warmed thinking she drank a cold sippy last night). It was soo funny that little girl truly does run our world, she's training us, Eric goes and gets her a bottle and doesn't warm it like usual settles her in his arms to feed her and she spits it out like "what the heck is this crap - I'll take it warm." So we warm it up she takes it no problem and is out for the night!! What a freaking bum!!! So we will try again in another month or so as she is clearly not ready yet.

Hannah also made another super-fun discovery in our neighbourhood over the weekend, and now has a new obsession. We were out for an evening stroll on Sunday night and Hannah is in the stroller freaking out "duck!!! quack!!! quack!!! duck!! quack!!! quack!!!", and pointing frantically at what we assumed what a plastic swan, but as we get closer we discover it is in fact a swan, a live and moving one. So Hannah and I maneuver the mud trail leading back to the pond, and she is screaming so excitedly she duck runs away. Soo funny. So I try to get her back in the stroller and she protests, Eric says "oh just let her down", I am reluctant due the the mud I am having difficulty manoeuvring, however I am also trying to fight her in said mud so I figure "well she's got her rain boots on so what the hell". Well what the hell, she gets stuck in the mud and does a swan dive right into it and it now covered head to freaking toe - ugggggggh and she's not happy - "yucky, Daddy, yucky" she's so adorable - so Eric gets to carry her home as it starts to rain and storm.

So yah that was our weekend in a nutshell, but it was a pretty good one, I didn't get as much accomplished as I would have liked to but I loved spending time with Hannah outside on the beauty of  a weekend we had.

Looking forward to see what this week brings.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekend Goals

Wow!!! What a crazy morning around our household!! To start things off I would like to thank my lovely hubby for his re-enactment of stomp this morning at 7am well I was still attempting to stay in dreamland, I mean realistically I was only going to get another 30 mins of sleep before I have to get up and start my morning routine. But I LOVE those last thirty mins and I sure am missing them this morning. Guess who else missed them thanks to the amount of noise my husband made getting his lunch ready and himself ready this morning, sweet little Hannah, she decided this morning she should get up with him at 7am, he tried once, unsuccessfully, to put her back to bed before he went back out to the kitchen and banged around some more - like she's going to sleep through hearing the cookie bags opening - and that was that we were up for the day. She for some reason thinks that getting out of bed and playing with the floor register in her bedroom is super fun. So that is what she proceeded to do. And I got to listen to it for 10 whole minutes before I could (physically - thank you dysautonomia) get up and go into her bedroom. But man do I love how snuggly she is in the morning, lots of hugs and kisses!! But this morning the loving didn't last long before it was her meltdowns all morning - as she was up to early and seems to really need that hour of sleep. needless to say my goal to have her nap after lunch wasn't happening today. We had some errands to get to this morning and she was back in bed napping by 10:10 am!!

Hannah's lack of sleep certainly led her to be a little more daring then usual, the little bum learned something new today (seemingly by accident). She has a fascination with putting things in the toilet and is generally rather mischievous - so we keep all the doors on the main floor of the house closed to keep her out of trouble. Well, we had to do an emergency run to WalMart to by some door knob covers, as Houdini can now open doors. She was soo proud of herself!! Now if only I could easily get the doors open with the stupid knob covers on!!!

So we decided to do a run to Walmart and to drop off some furniture to my sister, so Hannah loved see her Aunt Ash and Uncle Mike. I tried to find a new curtain rod for my bedroom (unsuccessfully) but we managed to get the knob covers and some groceries!! And as an added bonus now that that furniture is gone I can set up my bead room!! Hopefully I will get to work on that this weekend!!

Getting the bead room organized and set up is one of my goals for this weekend and I would like my hubbie to hang the rope lighting under our pergola and hang some of the stuff up in our new master bedroom so I can show you all what it looks like.

Anyhow that is my day in a nutshell!! Have a great weekend!! A

Thursday, October 21, 2010

~~My First Post~~

Well I guess you could say this is my first post as a blogger. My sister persuaded me to start blogging to keep track of Hannah's progress and I would like to blog so that I can keep track of the beading projects I am working on. Plus I think any opportunity to talk about my sweet little girl is pretty cool!! I have a lot of blogs that I read every day so I have an idea what this business is all about!!

So I have a 20 month old little girl named Hannah, who is literally my world. She is talking up a storm these days so I will have plenty of new words to tell you, today she told her aunt all about her stinky poop over the phone. It was hilarious!! 

So my day is looking pretty busy today, we have to rearrange our spare bedroom downstairs to make room for our old bedroom furniture, as we recently bought ourselves a new king size bedroom suite, and upgrade from a queen. I also have to head into town to go for my torture session at the physiotherapists, after recently breaking my wrist (falling on it after passing out - a whole other LONG story I'll fill you in on another day) I now have to go to physio twice a week for my torture session.

Anyhow that's about it for my first post. I'll check back tomorrow... A