Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What a wet, crappy weekend it was!!!!

As my title says what a wet crappy weekend it was and for once I'm not referring to the weather, I'm sure that everyone that was waiting to see the finished product of my headboard will totally understand why there was a delay in me posting all weekend. My hubbie and I had a successful night of headboard makin' and we loved the finished product and I had just gone to bed proud of myself and in a great mood, and my hubbie was headed downstairs to have a shower before bed and feed the cat. So I just get into a nice sleep and I hear Eric yelling for me "Amy get down here the basements flooded". I was like "yah right I'm sure he's kidding as he didn't want to feed the cat, after all our house is only three years old". But he persisted, so I went down and low and behold our basement sure is flooded....did I mention our beautiful, fully finished basement...

What a freaking disaster, but it gets better..... Eric immediately goes out to the garage to grab the shop vac and start sucking up the mysteriously warm water and I start inspecting the hot water heater for signs that it has lost its load... I can't see anything though. Now bear in mind, hubbie and I were headed for bed so I am barefoot and in a night gown and he's barefoot in his pj pants. I scramble for towels to try and save the carpet and Eric goes to dump the first load of water down the sump pit. And then he makes the discovery that sent me running out of the room. The sewage pump on the downstairs washroom has stopped working and we are in fact infiltrated with sewage, not water. YUCK!!!!!!!! So, too little to late we continue cleaning stuff while I call our insurance company as we have a young daughter I do not want sewage in my house. I'm sure they appreciated the late night call (midnight) about as much as we appreciated sewage in our basement.... but they have been really great.

Saturday morning they had a clean up crew at our place to assess the damages, and disinfect. They took away all the damaged items and cut out the affected carpet and left us with these ginormous fans to dry the place out. Oh and a disgusting, headache inducing smell of disinfectant. In just 12 hrs I had gone from loving my life, to HATING it!! 

We were supposed to be hosting our neighborhood pumpkin carving Sat night, and obviously that was not happening, so thankfully one of the other moms was so kind to a) watch Hannah all afternoon as I dealt with the insurance company - I did not want to miss them taking out my stuff and b) host the party. I was never so grateful to get out of my own house. I had had a hell of a day... my lab went through our french door screen after seeing multiple people carrying stuff out of our house and my hubbie was at work so I was literally on my own dealing with all this. So getting out of the house was just what I needed.

We lost a lot stuff and are now trying to figure out what we will do with our basement. Eric has really bad allergies so we were eventually (think 10 yr plan) going to replace the carpet with wood flooring (bear in mind we are in a raised ranch so we have full size windows in our basement), so now is our opportunity. We have been out checking out flooring and are just waiting for the quotes to come in to replace our stuff. I hope to have our flooring and everything back in place by December 1st. so hopefully they can make that happen....

We did find though that flooring installation is expensive.... so we are toying with the idea of my hubbie installing it himself as we did re-do all the floors in our old house so he is super experienced. We just have to find the time to make it happen as the room that was affected was over 600 sq ft. 

So that was the beginning of my weekend, tomorrow I'll tell you about Hannah's second Halloween. Hopefully all this chaos dies down soon.......