Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday!!

So, my friends, this will probably be my last post this week until next Tuesday, as we have the big wedding happening, and it's a long weekend, so of course I have jam packed it full of all kinds of fun!! So, I'm not MIA, I'm just having an amazing weekend!!

Now, onto the What I'm Loving Wednesdays!!

So, I am loving soooo many things today....

First off I am loving that I got all the bridal jewelry done, and even managed to sneak in a necklace for Ashley to wear to her weddings Friday as well. I love the way it turned out also...

Excuse the blurriness, I was using my iPhone....

I am loving that Hannah is going to be a flower girl on Friday, and she is soo proud an excited. She will pick flowers from the garden and walk around saying "I'm a flower girl". Soo darn cute, now if only her elbow and knees that are skinned would heal up stat...

I am loving that I will get to see my dad's side of the family. We don't see them often enough, so I am looking forward to seeing everyone, especially my cousin Melissa whose wedding it is. Her hubby-to-be is a real sweetheart.

I am loving that I am getting my hair done on Friday for $15.00. I am looking forward to having half an hour to myself on what I think will otherwise be a hectic day :). I love being pampered so it will be soo nice to get my hair done. I am just going for something simple but I am loving both of these hairstyles I found on Pinterest.

I love this one, but without the flowers, but it might be a bit overstated, screaming I got my hair done...
I love this one, I'm just not sure if I want to go with the simple back, or have it braided and joined at the back

Like this but then curly like the above one..

Which one are you guys loving?

I am also loving that it cooled off a little bit yesterday so I was able to have the windows, and front door open all day!!

So, those are some of the things I am loving today!!

Hope everyone's having a fabulous week, and has a fabulous weekend!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Recap!!

Well, we did it again!! Had an AMAZING weekend! This weekend was a lot more low key then the last one, and certainly more low key then the next one. But it was still great!!

Friday night I was home alone with Hannah, so once she went to bed I watched "Definitely Maybe", which was an okay movie, not great, but not bad, I didn't regret watching it lol.

Saturday morning we got up, had a nice breakfast and then quickly packed up a picnic and headed into the splash pad we were loving two weekends ago. We met up with Ashley, and had a picnic in the park, and then headed over to the splash pad. There were a few glitches, like the fact that I forgot Hannah's swimsuit (of all things to forget going to the splash pad), and we arrived at the waterpark at 12:20, only to find out there website was wrong and the don't open until 1pm. So, slightly annoying, but a quick trip to WalMart and a new swimsuit was purchases (and on clearance for $5.00 too). After the waterpark we headed out for some ice cream, and then came home and Hannah and I had a nap, it was fabulous. We went over to the neighbours open house for about an hour, then came home BBQ'd some steaks, and had a delicious spinach and hard boiled egg salad... mhmmm,... I could eat one right now... then my best friend and her kids (and hubby) came over and we sat outside and watched the kids play. Then we had a huge storm roll through, tornado warnings were even issued for our area. I always hate when tornado warnings are issued, or even just severe storm warnings, after Hannah has gone to bed, it makes me anxious. I always contemplate waking her up and bringing her down to the basement. Crazy!!

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast with Eric's mom, and then headed into town for groceries. Came home and had a family nap, which was really nice. Then spent some time outside. Then Hannah and Eric went down to the rec room/play room while I finished up the bridal jewelry for this weekends wedding. I must say they look pretty darn good.

Bracelets, the maid of honors is braided the rest of the bridesmaids are just twisted...

The Earrings, sorry it won't rotate...

Sunday night we started watching the movie "Fair Game" (but I was too tired to stay up and finish watching it but I finished it yesterday), and it was a good movie.

Yesterday was another good day. Eric got done work early (to take me to a drs apt) but it was still nice to have him home early. We have an incredibly busy weekend coming up. It's my cousins wedding and Hannah is the flower girl, so I am really looking forward to it!! I'm really looking forward to seeing my cousins that are far away!! So it's going to be crazy busy, but I can't wait!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday!!!

So, it's Wednesday and time for my weekly link up with Jamie at This Kind of Love

I think it would probably be faster for me to list the things I am not loving today because I can't think of a single one!! I am truly having one AMAZING WONDERFUL week!!

So, for starters, I am LOVING all the good news we have gotten this week. Our car is fixed, my hubbie received recognition for 10 years of dedicated service with the fire department, we have made significant gains in potty training. We found out that our building plans are going to be built, and the builder wants to PURCHASE the plans from us, Hannah has been absolutely adorable!! All in all an amazing week so far!!!

I am also loving this post by Ashley over at Life As I Know It!! I love the idea of blessings in waiting!!!

I am loving the amazing weather we have had all week, and the fact that it is going to continue right into the weekend. This will nicely allow for our picnic date/water park visit with Hannah's favorite aunt Ashley!! (and uncle Mike)....

I am loving that I am almost done all the bridal jewelry I have lined up this week.

I am loving my new hair color... and I even managed to take some self portraits of me and my hair in my dress for the wedding next weekend!!

New dress and new hair!! Excuse the self portrait!!

and an even worse up close shot... but I'm loving my hair!!

I am also loving that we booked our mini summer vacay!! I was looking to go to Great Wolf Lodge, here in Canada in Niagara Falls, but it was CRAZY expensive. It has an amazing water park, and I had heard great reviews about it. But at $460.00 for one night, I think I'll wait until Hannah is older. So then a friend of mine told me about this amazing water park hotel she stayed at in Frankenmuth, (which is nice and close to Birch Run an amazing shopping center I have never been too, and we all know how much I like to shop and in the States of all places). It's called Zehnders Splash Village, and we are booked in for two nights, and it includes 4 meals for $460.00!! Great deal!! I can't wait!! August cannot come fast enough!!

So. like I said I am LOVING a LOT of things. I am sure I am leaving some out, but alas I need to get back to my beading projects!!

Hope everyone's having just as an amazing week as me!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Amazing Weekend Recap!!

Wow!! I am in a great mood today!! It's amazing what a morning to yourself getting your hair done can do for you!! But, more on the one later.... first my weekend recap!!

We had an amazing weekend. Friday night we headed into town to go to a Folk Fetsival, having never been to one before I really did not know what to expect. But it was soo much fun!! We first stopped off at People's to pick up our newly shined wedding rings, and then to get my new Kobo Touch (which by the way I LOVE, and I had an amazing saleslady, who instead of charging me the upgrade - as my regular kobo stopped loading new books on me, so I wanted to upgrade, and the newer one costs $30.00 more, which I was happy to pay, and she waved it!! Gave it to me for the same price (essentially free). So thank you super sweet Chapters lady!! You set my night off to a great start!! Then we headed to the folk festival, had a great time checking out all the different vendors, enjoyed a Copper Top Pizza, and let me tell you it was soo good, I regretted my decision to share with Hannah. It was delicious. Then we headed home to put the munchkin to bed. Enjoyed a quiet night at home.

My self portrait of my newly shined rings!!

The next morning we got up to find out my PVR was broken, it was very heart breaking for Hannah, but after an hour on the phone with Bell Canada, I ordered myself a new one for rent, in High Def, for less money, so at least it was an easy fix. Then our local fire department (the one my hubby is on), was having their 40th anniversay open house, so we headed down there for some lunch, and had a great time there. My mom came down and joined us (as she was babysitting Hannah for the evening while we attended the awards ceremony for the fire department and the BBQ). Hannah did not enjoy Sparky the fire dog (dressed in costume). She spent the afternoon with Grandma lazing in her pool. Then we headed out to the award ceremony, which was really nice, they spent a lot of time recognizing the retiree's, the firefighters were recognizsed with pins for their years of service, and even the wives got a framed photo of the fire department and a hat. It was a really nice evening, and they BBQ'd steak, so it was good eats as well. I went home before the after party as it was 11:00pm already and I was whooped.

The next morning we had a great morning together. Hannah was adorable, and we spent the morning playiny with her, and then headed over to my best friends place where she played with her sons. Then headed into town for groceries. Another GREAT day!! So. all in all an amazing weekend.

We had some running around to do yesterday, and Hannah spent the evening playing with the neighbours. And then this morning, even better, I got to be pampered, and get my hair done, and I am loving it. I'll try and get my hubby to take a picture of it tomorrow, with me wearing the dress for the wedding so you can all see how nice and fresh it looks!! I love it!!!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend as well!!


Friday, July 15, 2011

"House Rules" - Book Review Journal

This book was a great book to read, sometimes a little bit frustrating for me, and it hit very close to home for me. I myself was a personal support worker for a man with an autism spectrum disorder, and I truly loved my job. I give Emma (Jacob's mother) all the credit in the world, and Jodi Picoult for the immense amount of research she had to have done to portray Jacob so accurately. Caring for someone with an autism spectrum disorder is a CONSTANT, there is no "time off", even though it is much needed. But, on the other side of the spectrum, I totally see why she loves her son more then anything in the world, from two perspectives, one of course being that I am a mother myself, and the other being that I truly enjoyed the good aspects of my job. The good times made the bad times blend into the background, instead of standing out at the forefront. Unfortunately, my job came to an abrupt stop when I was assaulted by the man I was supporting. He injured my neck (amongst other things), and I now have a dysautonmia, which causes my autonomic nervous system to become dysregulated (short and simple = I pass out - every other day pretty much). I am not trying to paint the picture that all people with autism spectrum disorders have aggressions, because they certainly don't. In this case, the attack came without warning, and unfortunately for me, I wasn't equipped to handle it, being single staffed and driving a vehicle at the time. I try and look back on my time as his support staff fondly, but unfortunately, my injuries have rendered me at times in need of a support worker (having passed out and broken my wrist for example). It's been a LONG road for me, and I have learned sooo many things about myself I didn't know, and have seen how much stronger I am then I ever thought I could be. I am certain at the end of the book that that is the way Emma feels. She has waged a war with the devil, and she's got back up fighting.

From a more technical aspect of the book though, I HATED the ending, or lack there of, I am going to have to go back, and find a better copy of the book for my ereader (because the one I had was INFURIATING, it took literally 5 minutes to just turn the page), and re-read the ending, because I never did find out if Jacob was sentenced or acquited or what happened? Did anyone else get that impression to or did I just miss a HUGE part of the book?

Of course, I am back, linking up with Blonde Undercover Blonde for her Book Club Fridays!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday!!

Well, let me tell you, Blogger has been giving me a run for my money, not letting me log into my blog, so I apologize for the prolonged absence. But man I have had an amazing couple of days!! I'll be scheduling some posts, so that hopefully should Blogger decide to not let me log in it will at least blog on my behalf... if that function works when it won't let you log in....

Anyways, onto What I Am Loving Wednesday!!

So, for starters. the thing I am definitely loving most is THIS GIRL!!! I mean seriously how cute is she!! She literally brightens my day every single day!! I have such a blast with her everyday!!

This was Hannah's idea of golfing yesterday!!
And, as you can see in the background of that last picture I AM LOVING THIS WEATHER!!! I mean, seriously it has been gorgeous!! We have spend soo much time outside!! We are loving it!!

I am also loving our potty training successes... more on that in another post...

I loved Hannah and I's mini - vacay to the city, to stay with Grandma this past weekend!!

I love the amazing waterpark we found on Sunday, and thoroughly enjoyed, we will be going back there for sure!!

I am loving that all preparations are done for the wedding that Hannah is in (as a flower girl), at the end of the month, all our outfits are bought and coordinated, and Hannah's dress is altered and ready to wear, my dress is a perfect fit (I'll post about that one later too... maybe even include a pic of me in it...).

I hope everyone is loving everything in their lives as much as me right now...


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Am Loving Wednesday!!

I am linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I am Loving Wednesdays!!
Ahh!! I am loving soo many things today!!

I am loving my amazing family, and the great weekend we just had!!

I am loving the gorgeous warm weather and sunshine we have been enjoying for about 6 days straight now!! Fabulous!! Hannah is loving her "cool" (her cold pool - lol)!!

I am loving that my hearing with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board is over, and it was way easier on me than I anticipated it being!! Amen to closing that chapter of my life!!

I am loving the way Melissa's wedding jewelry is shaping up!!
Yep, I took this picture of myself with my iphone!! LOL
I am loving Hannah's sweet little mumbling of "I love you mommy" in her sleep last night when I went in to tuck her in before I went to bed. It seriously melted my heart!!

I am loving that I am all caught up on laundry!!

I am loving my followers, only 7 more and I am doing a jewelry giveaway!!

So, umm yah, totally loving all kinds of things today!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Hoping you can send some positive thoughts my way!!

First I would like to apologize for the lack of posting, I have been crazy busy in many awesomely amazing ways, lots of family celebrations this past long weekend. But, we are home now, and hoping to get back into the full swing of blogging on Wednesday.

Tomorrow, however, is a day I have been dreading for 6 years now. I have my hearing with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board. I am hopeful, and will be glad to have it all done and over with, but I am terrified about having to go through what happened during my assault. So, I am asking for your positive thoughts tomorrow. I am hoping that they will not make me talk about the assault in great detail, but at this point I am prepared that that is a very real possibility. So I am taking tomorrow off from blogging, and have my hearing tomorrow morning, so hopefully it will be an end to the nightmare I have been through, not a continuation.

Thanks for your thoughts and understanding...